India Dreams to Super fast Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Every Countries have a dream of Bullet Train on their cities . Every indian have a dream to ride in bullet train but what dream become dream due to current situation of india . Every year lot of passengers lost their lives in train accidents .Train accidents is common in India .

Train accidents kill more live than a terrorist attack so what dreaming bullet train in india . Its possible to run bullet train on normal track built by indian railways .Indian railway had achievement of india covered track was the longest track in the world .

But a current situation of indian railway is so bad . Railways not operating their system safely . People get killed and injured in these accidents , but people and government dream to built track for super speed bullet train . Currently normal trains run on speed of average 50-60 km (km per hour) only few train run more than 120 km per hour . India need new fastest and safest transportation system for long way due to population overload and state running railway already overloaded running on out of shortage of good trains in the city .

Modi dreams Bullet train But Need High Speed Upgrade


Between India and Japan has a signed agreement of Bullet Train Project on the meet of Indian Prime Minister Narender Modia and Japan PM Shino Abe’s . Rs 98000 Crore deal signed between india and japan . First Bullet train run between Mumbai to ahmedabad . 8 year need to complete india first bullet train project at a speed of 300-350 km per hour will take less than 2 hours to cover the distance . Six proposed high speed rail routes will bring down the cost of living . India cannot depends on air travel .

Our indian railways are all already delay of 85 years for planning for indian bullet train . We are slow adopter than the other countries from the world developed countries are early adopters and make adopt the technology changes fast .

What cause of indian bullet train ? It’s only cause due to local infrastructure not supported ready for bullet trains and also politics cause of delay of adopt technology regularly changing political parties and their vision huge cause of delay in bullet train . Now bullet train comes between the Ahmedabad to mumbai financed by japan on low interest rates .

The Railway Board are planning to run high speed train with a speed of more than 300 km per hour , semi high speed trains with 160-200 km per hour and looking to upgrade the average speed of the existing . The Mumbai-Ahmedabad route cover 508 km with 12 proposed station on the route . With the travelling speed of 320-350 km per hour cover distance likely to be in 58 minutes or maximum hours to complete the journey .