Jio 4G With Chinese Heart

Jio Smartphone

Jio 4G Featured Phone made with Chinese Heart

With a big launch of Reliance Jio phone with 4g enabled featured phone created a positive waves in telecom sectors . You able to pre order or pre book jio phones reach to your hand after 15 September . Jio is working for promise to delivered your featured phone earliest as possible date .

Reliance jio feature phone available on first-come-first basis . Features of this phone almost free with refundable security of Rs 1500 after three years. For Pre-booking of featured phone Rs 500 money need to order phone and another Rs 1000 paid on delivery . You get delivery through a jio partner or jio store. You will notify updates related to reliance jio featured phones. So keep watching up and down of matter.

Made in China your favourite Jio Phone

Jio Phone Announced on Reliance 40th Annual General Meeting it was also announced the phone will be made in India, by India, for India. That creates a buzz everywhere but realities in India no manufacture can produce low budget phone in less time .


Mores on a big brand like Nokia, Apple iPhone and other bigger giant manufacture built their phone in China due to Quality and parts are easily available in the market. This time anti-china sentiment trending due to doklam issue or privacy issues with the Chinese phone. All are boycotting Chinese accessories .

Jio, which has already crossed 100 million subscribers, has ambitions to be India’s biggest network, and thus it makes sense for the company to launch feature phones, which will bring in more of these users. While India has seen a jump in the number of smartphones sold, feature phones still outsell the more expensive smartphones.

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE include smartphones will come in two variations: one Featuring a Qualcomm processor, and the other with a Spreadtrum chip. As far as details, Jio 4G features smartphone as follows: 2.4-inch Display, 512MB RAM,4GB inner storage, Extended SD card bolster,2-megapixel rear camera, VGA front camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC