Protect Your Privacy Stay Safe Online

Protect Privacy

Protect Your Privacy Stay Safe Online

Privacy is a fundamental rights of human being who live anywhere in the world have their privacy time with someone offline and online .This time is all offline generation going to digital and access to the world wide web. Internet population increasing and growing rapidly now internet population reach mark of 3.7 billion internet user who surf the internet through their smartphone and , with digital gadgets like pc ,laptop and tablets everywhere from have access of internet .

More than 2 billion online population join social networks and using search over the internet to connect with the family or friends. Now biggest question your online happening is saving from the intruders. No your happening not safe from the eye of hackers and intruders who like to use your data for earning money. So how you will able to save you from the online frauds and scams created by hackers to track you every happening over the internet .

How to Hide Online Fingerprints


All question solutions are VPN virtual private network or a proxy software that helps you to hide your original location, IP address, and many things from the online hackers. VPN will be used as software that installed in your system or you will get VPN free from many online provides like Opera Built in VPN and All Favorite Chrome and Mozilla have many extensions to hide ip with free VPN. Free VPN and Paid VPN both have many advantages free VPN have fewer locations proxy than the paid .

Paid VPN have more location to be proxy and unlimited data to be used from the fastest server near you. Profit of VPN and Proxy it does not hide your actual location and surfed the website from the ISP and from your employers. It also hides online fingerprints. You able to visit all website that not accessible from your location due to the website blocked by the government or something .

How to Maintain Your Privacy ?

–Updated Paid Antivirus Software helps you to protect your privacy and security online.
–Don’t use public wifi without the VPN enabled app or antivirus app.
–Don’t’ use public wifi for online banking or shopping.
–Every Accounts with a strong password and enable two way login factor authorization. No one accesses your account without your access code.
–Don’t disclose any personal matters to the unknown.
–Close and Clean your browser surfing after work done.
–Forgot the Network for free public WiFi enable your smartphone not connected to the network automatically.
–Secure Passwords with Strong Encryption with the mixing of alphabets small and big letters, numerical and signs.