Cyber Attack possible on Airports , Railway and other Public Wifi hotspot


Is Public Wifi Safe Beware of potential vulnerability to cyber attack

When you visit railway, airport, and any public wifi hotspot where you get free wifi access without knowing the risk of exchanging data over the free wifi you may have a chance to be an online fraud or cyber attack due to this public hotspot not safe vulnerable to your data got hack. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities allows an attacker to obtain sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages and emails, etc.

Public wifi hotspot or wireless network installed on railway station and airport are risk of cyber attack . Easy exploitation to user data over the network .Open wifi found on airports and railway station are highly vulnerable to cyber attack . So switching to public wifi is chance to your data exploit to cyber attackers .


Avoid as you much public wifi to protect yourself from the cyber attack or from the online fraud. Don’t use public wifi network directly instead of use directly use VPN – virtual private network to protect your identity. Check HTTP or HTTPS before you are surfing to the internet over the public hotspot. HTTPS is the most secure protocol all data over HTTPS exchange encrypted from one user to another user where your message originally send. A third person not able to check your message .

Use Antivirus Software to make your system stay safe antivirus is now part of any devices from laptop to smartphone everywhere we need to install good antivirus software. Wifi are not even safe for anyone but antivirus software help you from the attack of malicious code and software download over the wifi .

International Research that highlighted the vulnerability in WPA or WPA2 encryption that is most commonly used to connect to wireless networks. Researchers led by Mathy Vanhoef found that devices based on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows were among those vulnerable. They called this type of attack a key re installation attack, or KRACK.